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When it became clear that the failure of the 2013 cull was not going to stop the government from pressing ahead with culling in 2014, Ethical Consumer got together with Lush Cosmetics to find ways to help expedite the end of this clearly-flawed project.

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Ethical Consumer

Ethical Consumer is a not-for-profit research and campaigning co-operative based in the UK. It has been the hub of the ethical consumer movement for over 25 years, with a mission to make global businesses more sustainable through consumer pressure.

Ethical Consumer helps people to check products and companies, avoid those they do not agree with, and to find alternatives. It uses a ratings system covering 300 topics in 19 areas (including Animal Testing, Factory Farming, and Animal Rights) under 5 main categories.



Lush Cosmetics

Lush is a campaigning manufacturer and retailer of fresh handmade cosmetics, with shops in 51 countries.

Lush provides resources to help a wide range of campaigns for animals, people and the environment around the world.