1. Photo: More herds found with rampant TB infections

    More herds found with rampant TB infections

    The Times reported in early November that more herds of cattle were being found with rampant levels of TB. A new test, pioneered by researchers at Nottingham University, has proven to be more accurate in detecting the disease. Results from these test showed that one farmer had 30 infected cows. However when the government’s standard […]

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  2. Photo: No Badger Cull in Northern Ireland

    No Badger Cull in Northern Ireland

    Stormont agricultural officials insisted that there will not be a badger cull in Northern Ireland. Instead, the Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs said it was committed to tackling TB through vaccination. This statement comes after wildlife campaigners accused Stormont officials of planning to introduce a badger cull to Northern Ireland. In a statement, […]

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  3. Photo: Welsh Government Consider Culls

    Welsh Government Consider Culls

    The Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee broadly supports proposals set out in the Welsh Government’s refreshed TB eradication programme.

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