Early opposition to new cull zones

In December 2015 Farming Insight reported that the badger cull could be extended to 12 new areas over the next two years, stating:

‘Some areas are already well prepared to go in 2016, including two of about 300-400sq.km in North Devon and North Cornwall, both of which had licence applications rejected in 2015.

An area in Herefordshire, also rejected in 2015, is likely to be in the frame while others are at various stages of preparation across the South West, including in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire, as well as further north in the Midlands in areas where bTB is rife.’

A petition has been started through 38 degrees to oppose a cull in Staffordshire, stating:

‘The Government’s own figures, which were quietly released on the last day before Christmas, show TB in cattle to be rising in and around cull zones… Vaccination and cattle control must be implemented.’