Badgers not to blame for hedgehog decline

When the Times newspaper launched its Christmas appeal for hedgehogs, it also published an editorial claiming that culling badgers would help restore hedgehog populations.

The Badger Trust CEO Dominic Dyer responded saying:

‘We are appalled by the cynical way the Times is trying to exploit the public’s Christmas goodwill by falsely claiming hedgehog numbers can only recover if we kill more badgers.’

‘Whilst badgers are capable of killing hedgehogs they very rarely do. Both species compete for the same food and removing one by culling naturally allows the other to thrive. Badgers and hedgehogs have coexisted in ecological balance for hundreds of thousands of years.’

The Badger Trust chairman Peter Martin continued, ‘The key factors for the collapse in hedgehog numbers are intensive farming, pesticide use, garden fencing and road kill, so it’s disingenuous in the extreme for the Times to attempt to demonise the badger in the minds of their readers.’

The British Hedgehog Preservation Society has said they believe ‘culling any species in an effort to conserve another is undesirable given better environmental approaches’.