European groups unite to form EuroBadger

On 19 January groups from France, Holland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic met with the Badger Trust in Brussels to form a new European network to protect badgers.

A key focus for EuroBadger will be to address the importance of badgers to biodiversity and habitat protection across the EU, and to strengthen legislation at Member State and EU level for their protection, says the Badger Trust.

“EuroBadger will enable badger protection groups for the first time to join forces across Europe and take the battle to protect badgers to Brussels” said Badger Trust CEO Dominic Dyer.

Badger Trust Chairman Peter Martin said EuroBadger would “play a crucial role in opening up the debate on alternative non-lethal TB mitigation strategies for badgers and refocusing efforts for lowering bovine TB in cattle on to improved TB testing methods and the development of effective TB vaccination programmes for both cattle and badgers”.

The group is currently putting together a report looking at populations, habitats, legal protection and threats to badgers survival across Europe, which will be launched in the European Parliament this Spring.