More herds found with rampant TB infections

The Times reported in early November that more herds of cattle were being found with rampant levels of TB. A new test, pioneered by researchers at Nottingham University, has proven to be more accurate in detecting the disease. Results from these test showed that one farmer had 30 infected cows. However when the government’s standard test was used, all 30 animals were cleared.

Unfortunately, by law the government will not compensate a farmer unless his/her cattle has been found to have TB under the standard test. Solutions for farmers are few and far between. Presently, the vaccination of young calves is illegal, badger culls have failed to reduce TB and slaughtering infected cows is financially difficult as the governments own tests are proving inaccurate.

The scale of the TB problem is becoming ever more prominent and animal are bearing the brunt of our mishaps. With about 33,000 badgers due to be culled this year, in 21 locations, as part of a government scheme to stop the spread of TB. As well as some 30,000 cattle which were slaughtered prematurely last year because they tested positive for the disease.Badger, Wildlife, English, Nature, British, Environment