Michael Gove Takes Over as Environment Secretary

It has been a turbulent week at Westminster. As the Conservative party cling onto power their authority has been significantly damaged by Labour’s surprising revival.

Theresa May’s new cabinet see Liz Truss replaced by Michael Gove as Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA). Worryingly for badger lovers Gove has generally supported the cull against badgers, scapegoating them for the current Bovine TB levels in the UK.

With Labour’s manifesto clearly stating an opposition to the badger cull, it will be interesting whether the current Government continue to expand the number of cull zones in the UK. At a spiraling cost to the UK taxpayer, the cull still has no concrete scientific evidence supporting it and as political and civil pressure mounts, it will hopefully be scrapped in the near future.

With a new cabinet minister comes a new opportunity for the badger movement to make its voice heard. Although Michael Gove’s voting history ┬áleaves a lot to be desired.