No Badger Cull in Northern Ireland

Stormont agricultural officials insisted that there will not be a badger cull in Northern Ireland.

Instead, the Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs said it was committed to tackling TB through vaccination. This statement comes after wildlife campaigners accused Stormont officials of planning to introduce a badger cull to Northern Ireland.

In a statement, the League Against Cruel Sports said that: “Despite the failure of this unscientific policy in Britain and Ireland, last December, DAERA proposed the expansion of culls to Northern Ireland, including the use of snares to ‘restrain’ badgers prior to shooting. In light of increasing evidence about the horrific suffering inflicted on wildlife by this policy, culling should be ruled out immediately.”

In response, a Department spokesman said there is “currently” no culling policy.

He added: “DAERA currently undertakes the test and vaccinate or remove wildlife intervention research project.

Although Stormont’s rejection of an out and out cull is positive news for badgers, their trap and vaccinate policy has been widely criticized. With activists saying they found a badger dead inside a cage which had been left unchecked.