Parliament Debate Badger Culling after E-Petition

In March 2017 MPs debated the badger cull in the wake of a e-petition campaign which attracted over 108,000 signatures.

Labour MP Paul Flynn opened the debate, labeling the Government’s cull policy as beingĀ “evidence-free and prejudice rich”, claiming ministers have a “long record” in trying to “appease farmers”.

Mr Flynn also highlighted the potential for hunting hounds to transmit bovine TB to cattle, a claim which was roundly denied by the presiding Minister George Eustice. Flynn concluded by saying, “He has said that he will not take any action on hounds, because it is very rare for bovine TB in dogs or hounds to be transferred to other species. The Government cannot have it both ways”. Referring of course to the lack of empirical evidence proving that badgers are to blame for significant bovine TB transmitting.