Round up of recent news

The cull continues – and so do the Wounded Badger Patrols and cage crushing. Appeals continue for more people. Read one person’s account of their first time on a patrol.

People are also worrying about the safety of communities near badger shootings.

A Scottish MP held a debate in Westminster at the beginning of September, and afterwards wrote, “badgers are not responsible for the spread of the disease and that killing them in large numbers actually increases incidence through perturbation. Indeed new herd breakdowns appear to be doubling approximately every nine years.”

The Badger Trust responded to some new research which cast yet more doubt on the role of badgers in cattle TB, showing that “the infection pattern between the two species is completely different and suggests very strongly that cattle are infected by other cattle, rather than by other species”.

Both the above recommended following Wales’ example, where TB has been reduced. The Badger Trust also called for an immediate halt to the cull. CEO of the Badger Trust Dominic Dyer will be speaking about his recent book, Badgered to Death, at the Oxford Waterstone’s on October 13th. There is another book just out, on the history of badger persecution, including recent events, titled The Fate of the Badger.

There is also a petition to Warburtons bread, after a farm supplying wheat to the company was videoed baiting for badgers.