Seven new cull zones confirmed

On 30th August 2016, the government announced seven new licenses for the fourth year of badger culling. The cull is extending to Herefordshire, Cornwall and Devon.

The National Farmers Union welcomed the move, their president saying, “Today’s announcement means that badger control will now be taking place in 10% of the area where cattle are at the highest risk of contracting bTB.”

The Guardian stated that Prof Rosie Woodroffe, at the Institute of Biology in London, said: “This is a huge disappointment for evidence-based policy making. The scale of the rollout is huge: farmers will be required to kill almost 10,000 badgers at a minimum before the end of November. And yet the government has released no evidence that farmer-led culling is helping to control cattle TB.”

Opposition in the field was immediate, with reports of cages being destroyed on the 31st August. There are demonstrations planned for every weekend of the cull. Other ways of getting involved can be found at