The Badger Culls: Monitoring, involvement of children, incidents…

In response to a Freedom of Information request, Natural England have stated that there are only 10 individuals monitoring all shooting in the cull zones this year. Campaigners on Twitter claim that the number of monitors has gone down while the number of shooters has gone up.

Shockingly, Stop the Cull have reported that ‘After conversations with the police and an extensive read through all of the best practice guidelines and licence conditions, we have discovered that children as young as 15 can be out actually killing badgers and children of any age can be accompanying them as their “buddy”.’ The group urges people to contact their MP to express concerns.

People are also concerned over incidents including a badger being found still trapped in a cage halfway through the afternoon, and a dead badger in a rucksack. Questions are flying around about whether these incidents should result in license withdrawals, and whether the RSPCA will investigate.