Vaccines – successes and shortages

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust say badger vaccines against TB are ‘viable and underused’. The Trust was the first non-government organisation in the UK to pioneer badger vaccination in 2011, and have just released a report on their trials carried out from 2011-2015.

The report shows that in 2015, vaccination cost them about £200 on average per badger. It includes a full cost breakdown to help others considering a badger vaccination programme. Shropshire Badger Group have also just announced the ‘resounding success’ of their first year of badger vaccinations.

Meanwhile, the Welsh government have announced their badger vaccination programme is to be suspended due to a global shortage of the vaccine, and the need to prioritise it for human use. The badger vaccine against TB is only made by one company in the UK, SSI, who have said they will not be producing more until further notice. Critics suggest this situation could have been avoided, saying the worldwide shortage in human TB vaccines was well-known.