Widespread resistance to cull now announced

On 28th August the government announced that Natural England had authorised the cull to start again in Gloucestershire and Somerset, and also to begin in Dorset.

The decision was condemned by the Wildlife Trusts, with Dorset Wildlife Trust stating that they would not allow the cull on their 44 nature reserves. A template letter for writing to your MP can be found on their website. The Borough of Poole in Dorset also took the decision not to allow the badger cull on their land last summer after a huge petition was presented to the council by a local resident.

People question why the cull has rolled out to Dorset in particular when they had a 37% drop in bTB rates between 2012-14 without killing badgers. There will be a ‘Dorset Camp Badger‘, who are asking for donations and people to help keep the camp running.

Badger Patrols are also upping their activity with Somerset and Gloucestershire meeting every night from 1st September and for the duration of the cull, which should be for a 6-week period.

The Save Me Trust‘s lawyers have also sent a ‘letter before action’ to Natural England requiring them to revoke the cull licenses, which they say ‘cannot in any rational sense be said to be serving the purpose of preventing the spread of disease’, and are therefore unlawful.

For a summary of the saga of these culls, see this Guardian comment by the author of Badgerlands.