A to Z list of groups and organisations opposing the badger cull.

Animal Aid
Member of Team Badger.
Against the cull as it is based on flawed science. Promotes a dairy boycott on website as it is a vegan organisation.

BACVI (Badger and Cattle Vaccination Initiative)
An organisation begun in 2014 raising funds to pay for vaccinations and persuading landowners to choose vaccination. Receives donations through its website.

Badger Friendly Farms
A group of farmers in the West Country wanting to respond positively to the understandable public outcry against the badger cull.

Website providing and sharing useful news, papers and analysis.

Badger Trust
Member of Team Badger.
The NFBG promotes the conservation, welfare and protection of badgers, their setts and habitats. It also represents and supports 80 local voluntary badger groups.

Birmingham Wildlife Festival (organised by West Midlands Badger Group)
Annual festival with origins in badger campaigning.

Blue Badger
Website run by Conservatives supportive of animal welfare issues/ against the badger cull.

B-R-A-V-E (Badger Rescue and Vaccination Everywhere)
Member of Team Badger.
B-R-A-V-E’s campaign efforts focus on pressuring local councils not to allow the cull to happen on their land.

Care for the Wild
Member of Team Badger. Support a badger friendly dairy campaign and vaccination efforts. Previously did a lot of work on tracing supply chains, with the aim of running a ‘badger friendly’ product campaign. Current campaign focuses include:
– Cure Not Kill: the campaign to vaccinate badgers
– Organic produce, the Soil Association and the badger cull

Devon Badger Defenders
Focus on raising awareness and pressuring MPs and landowners – including the National Trust, Devon County Council and South West Water – to oppose the cull.

Dorset For Badger And Bovine Welfare
A local grassroots group run by volunteers. It opposes the cull in Dorset and elsewhere.

Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting
Member of Team Badger.
Non-confrontational group that actively patrols the badger cull zones. They have a range of actions including a Wounded Badger Patrol – peaceful, lawful walks in the countryside to look for injured badgers.

Humane Society International
Member of Team Badger.
HSI opposes the mass slaughter of badgers as a means of controlling bovine TB, and calls on the governments of England and Wales to concentrate resources on reducing cattle-to-cattle spread and researching preventative methods to protect badgers and cattle.

Hunt Saboteurs Association
Non-violent direct action group that protects animals from hunting, set up in the winter of 1963. “From using hunting horns and voice calls to run off with the hounds at fox hunts, to standing in front of the shooting butts on the grouse moors, to wading through the rivers at mink hunts, wherever animals are being hunted for fun, hunt saboteurs will be there, protecting our wildlife from the ‘sportsmen’ who get their kicks from killing.”
Opposes the cull and campaign work focuses on physical intervention within the cull zones.

International Fund for Animal Welfare
Member of Team Badger.
Opposes the cull, supports vaccination efforts, and trains ‘wounded badger patrollers’ from Gloucester to gather evidence on the ground as that is important when assessing the efficiency of the culls or establishing if cull licence conditions have been breached.

League Against Cruel Sports
Member of Team Badger.
Against the cull as it is based on flawed science and vaccination is a better solution. Asking people to contact their MPs.

Network for Animals
Part of Team Badger.
NFA lobby MPs on behalf of supporters as well as coordinate letter writing campaigns and petitions to facilitate public engagement with the campaign.
“As we gear up towards the 2015 general election, Network For Animals and our sister organisation Political Animal Lobby are stepping up political campaigning as we believe it is the primary route to prevent further culls.”

Member of Team Badger.
“There is a real threat that this cull could be rolled out far more widely meaning that even more badgers could suffer. Join us in calling on the new Environment Secretary, Liz Truss MP, to step in and call off the culls.”

Save Me Campaign
Member of Team Badger.
A non-profit organisation that speaks out about “the cruel minority in our society that feels it is their right to persecute and torture wildlife for sport.”
Founder Brian May called for a boycott of milk products from the cull zones in 2012.

Somerset Against the Badger Cull
Individuals united in opposition to the cull in West Somerset. They run Somerset Badger Patrol which carries out peaceful protest and monitoring of the cull, and campaign to challenge political spin and put pressure on cull policy makers, aiming to keep events in the public eye at all times. They include ecologists, conservationists, gardeners, housewives, retired servicemen, business owners, factory workers, students and medics of all ages and are part of Team Badger.

Stop the Cull
Direct action group that patrol areas where the cull is focused- trying to disturb badger sets in order to prevent them coming out and getting shot. Great website with lots of detailed information including:
– A list of MPS who voted for the cull / against the cull / or refuse to answer
– Cull Zone map of Gloucestershire 
– Cull Zone map of Somerset

Team Badger
A coalition of organisations opposing the badger cull.  Actively encouraging farmers to adopt cattle-based solutions to prevent the spread of bovine TB through implementing better bio-security and controlled cattle movements, and supporting local vaccination projects.

Member of Team Badger.
The only organisation in Team Badger whose main campaign focus in relation to badgers is a full UK dairy boycott to protect badgers.

Wildlife Trusts
Wants to see the Government prioritise badger vaccination, alongside a comprehensive package of cattle measures: better biosecurity, stricter movement controls, improved TB testing and development of a cattle vaccine.


This list is a work in progress and focusses on organisations with a web presence which provides more information on their activities. Do please contact us if you think there is anyone we have missed out.