Take Action

The more people that take action against the cull, the less easy it will be for the current government and the NFU to continue on a course of action which is opposed even by its own scientific advisers.

There are more than 20 groups opposing the cull, and a wide range of possible actions to choose from, which we have divided into the five types below:

Boycott – from milk boycotts to targeted boycotts of Sainsbury’s and CafĂ© Nero

Donate – links and information on how to support groups involved in legal challenges and funding vaccinations

Lobby – where do politicians and political parties stand on the badger cull?

Petition – in 2013 a huge petition against the cull led to a debate in parliament. This year people are writing to politicians.

Protest – links and information on cull-zone patrols and non-violent direct action.