All the groups listed on the Organisations page will, of course, welcome donations for their work on badgers.

These have however particular costs to meet:

Badger Trust
Leading the legal challenge against the cull.

B-R-A-V-E (Badger Rescue And Vaccination Everywhere)
A Cornish based group working against the cull.

Bristol Hunt Sabs                                                                                                             

Cheshire Against the Cull
Cheshire Against the Cull are raising money as the cull zone has been expanded to Cheshire.

Cornwall to the Cull Zones
A project of Cornwall Against the Badger Cull – they have people in the zone and need funds for fuel and equipment – recording devices, UV torches, batteries, etc. Any size donation greatly appreciated.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
Money is needed to support their 5-year badger vaccination programme. Follow the link to the donation page.

Ethical Consumer
This site is run by Ethical Consumer so you can support the Badger Action News website with a subscription to Ethical Consumer.

Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting                                                                 

Green Party
The Green Party have a strong stance against the badger cull.

Melissa Vara
Melissa is trying to raise funds to cover my fuel costs to Gloucester to fight against the badger cull.

Naturewatch Foundation
The Naturewatch Foundation are calling for donations to support their campaign to run police education courses with the specific focus on bring an end to badger baiting, set digging, illegal lamping, killing and other acts of cruelty towards badgers using dogs.

Network for Animals
Donations needed to fund their work lobbying, engaging in public actions, educating the public and inspiring people to make their voices heard on the badger issue.

Somerset Hunt Sabs Badger Cull – Fuel Fund
Things are hotting up in the Somerset cull zone and eating up fuel in the process – every penny raised will help the group keep up their presence in the field.

Somerset Against the Badger Cull                                                                                        

The Official Gloucestershire Fundraiser
A fund to reduce the need for lots of separate funds by groups working in the zones, put together after consultation with leading groups and individuals in the field.