New petition demanding prosecution for those responsible for snaring and shooting badgers in the Peak District.

Active Petitions

38 Degrees – had an online petition entitled ‘rethink the badger cull’ which attracted more than 96,000 signatures. This is no longer a live campaign, but you can still show support by signing the petition below it, see

BRAVE – has a live petition at
…which has the same wording as the government e-petition but can be signed by anyone including non-UK citizens.

Care2 – has a petition against the killing of badgers which has attached over 79,000 supporters

Northern Lights Young Campaigners – have launched a petition against the proposed badger cull in Northern Ireland.


Government Petitions – Petition to stop the government expanding the badger cull across the country in 2016 (started August 2016, closed February 2017).

In 2013 a major petition supported by a large number of groups against the cull on the government’s own e-petition website gathered 304,244 signatures (started March 2013, closed September 2013). When live, it was the highest ranking active petition ever on the government website. Petitions reaching more than 100,000 can trigger a debate in Parliament.

In the resulting debate on 13th March 2014, 219 MPs backed a motion (with only 1 voting against) calling on the Government to drop culling and instead vaccinate badgers.
See how MPs voted on the Stop The Cull website.

The current government has, to date, chosen to ignore these expressions of opinion and to continue with its deeply unpopular policy.  Because of this, there has been much less petition activity since.

Outside the UK? Please sign the ‘Stop England’s Badger Cull’ online petition set up by Care2.

If you know of other petitions to include on this page please let us know.