Non-violent direct action has historically been hugely effective where normal political processes are failing.

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Not all groups have websites, and many are active on Facebook.
Stop the Cull
Direct action group that patrols areas where the cull is focused – trying to disturb badger sets in order to prevent them coming out and getting shot.
Hunt Saboteurs Association
Oppose the cull and campaign work focuses on physical intervention within the cull zones.
Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting
Member of Team Badger. Non-confrontational group that actively patrols the badger cull zones.
They have a range of actions including a Wounded Badger Patrol – peaceful, lawful walks in the countryside to look for injured badgers once the shooting begins.
Somerset Against the Badger Cull
Non confrontational group running the Somerset Badger Patrols. Member of Team Badger.

Facebook pages of groups active in the cull zones:

Badger Army To Stop the Cull with Direct Action

Bristol Hunt Saboteurs

Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch

Devon Hunt Sabs

Devon Badger Group – 24 hour helpline for injured badgers: 07710971988

Dorset Hunt Sabs

Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting

Gloucestershire Badger Office

Kernow Hunt Sabs

Liverpool Hunt Sabs

Manchester Hunt Sabs

Nottingham Hunt Saboteurs

North Wales Hunt Saboteurs

Sheffield Saboteurs

Somerset Badger Patrol

Stop the Cull

Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs

West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs

Wounded Badger Patrol Lancashire


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