Information about lobbying and MPs.

A website with comprehensive instructions on how to target Ministers, MPs, MEPs, Councillors, vetinary and policing bodies Defra, Natural England and more.
B-R-A-V-E’s Operation Badger project is creating a national network of petitions across England, getting people to petition their council to refuse permission for culling on their land, and to support and invest in local vaccination programmes instead. B-R-A-V-E also pursued the issue of lack of risk assessments by Defra prior to the cull trials.
Network for Animals
NFA lobby MPs on behalf of supporters as well as coordinate letter writing campaigns and petitions to facilitate public engagement with the campaign. As the 2015 general election approaches, Network For Animals and its sister organisation Political Animal Lobby are stepping up political campaigning as they believe it is the primary route to prevent further culls.
PLEBS – Protesters Lobbying (for) Ethical Badger Sustainability
Site tracking political lobbying on the badger issue. @DrCliffordHodge
This page has a downloadable PDF of how your MP voted.

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