Stop the Cull petition Co-op stores to stop selling Tyrells

The Stop the Cull petition on states:

‘Cobrey Farms in Herefordshire is involved in the badger cull and allowing the now condemned method of “free shooting”, which involves shooting badgers in their family groups who have been lured to piles of peanuts.

With the British Veterinary Association now speaking out against this method of killing we think that should be enough for the Co-op with it’s high animal welfare standards to no longer source crisps from Tyrrells crisps, those crisps come from potatoes grown at Cobrey Farm.’

As only one small farm needs to pull out of the Gloucestershire Cull Zone for the amount of land signed up to fall below 70%, people are being asked to contact or to politely ask the company to stop sourcing crisps from Tyrells.